Hi guys, I hope you’re having a great weekend. Now in Thailand we are in summer so it is really hot outside. You need to drink a alot of water especially as you stay outside. At the moment I’m really missing the UK.Today I would like to share a famous primer which I bought in the UK.

The POREfessional
Benefit is an American brand but I found them in the UK.The POREfessional is famous primer which you can apply both before and after makeup.

What I like?
– As they claim “oil-free, lightweight, translucent, and silky” I totally agree! (Also my friends say this)
– the balm is easy and quick to apply (you can also use foundation brush for more and more fine)
– not too strong smell
– minimize the appearance of pores and more fine line. The face feels smooth like silk and easier to apply foundation.
– helps when wearing makeup perfectly

image (a little leaflet inside a box)image
Triple Performing Facial Emulsion SPF15 PA++
It came along with It’s about prime! package and it was good price!

What I like?
– oil-free with SPF15 PA++ (even I feel a little bit oil)
– good to apply before makeup in dewy looking
– looks greasy at first but does look better after some time
– helps my face stay more soft and keeps my skin hydrated. I also like to apply it as I need to maintain my face during weekend.
– my face looked perfect as I applied it in the winter (in the UK). I think it is good for those who have dry skin. It really does help the face look better. I recommend finding a sample first to try before buying a full size.

Things I question?
– Nice smell (like a cucumber) but too strong for me but it is ok after some time
– Comes with nice bottle but it’s hard to pour (like a ketchup bottle)
Pictures on my tan skin
– there is no colour on both
– The POREfessional gives a silky matte look
– Triple Performing Facial Emulsion gives a moist look

Usually Price of The POREfessional is  £24.50 for 22ml . Benefit is an American brand and the product is made in USA, but they sell best in the UK. I like to use it as I go to a big or formal party because being at quite a high cost I tend not to use it everyday haha!

Triple Performing Facial Emulsion SPF15 PA++ is £22.50 for 50.3ml. The Product is made in France.

I get it about prime! Package is £24.50 for The POREfessional 22ml along with the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion SPF15 PA++ 8.9ml.

Where you can buy? You can buy from online stores such as,, or

For more information and more their products;