Hi Guys!

I found a really easy way to apply for a new personal current account in the UK for an immigrant like me:) I can apply online and upload essential documents as they require, and get a contactless debit card via the post in few days, with no need to go to the bank branch. I would love to recommend NatWest. 


To apply you must: Aged 18+, A UK Resident, and have not been declared bankrupt over the past 6 years

Information and documents you must have: ID Card, Visa or Permit documents, Proof of address, UK mobile number, email, and you may be asked about income

It is secure, easy, quick, and free. At every process, you would get easy guides and confirmations for doing the application, and no any questions on the phone during this. It takes time about 5 working days from applying until receiving a debit card and PIN. There is no deposit needed.

When your application is completed you will receive confirmation that your account is ready to use and they will inform you of your customer number. Once you have logged into the mobile app or online banking with your customer number, PIN, and Password (which you set up during application) you will be able to see your account number and sort code. A contactless debit card and PIN would be posted to you in few days after this.

There are many other types of account but I applied for “Select” account (or an everyday bank account) firstly because it was free of charge 🙂 and I am planning to look at more of their new products or services in the future.

What I get from “Select”

  • No monthly fee
  • Easy-to-use Mobile Banking app
  • 24/7 Online Banking
  • Contactless debit card
  • Option to apply for an overdraft

Get started! https://beta.natwest.com/personal/current-accounts/select_account.htmlor more information >> https://personal.natwest.com/personal.html

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